photographs by Christopher Ruth of  almost too serious

photographs by Christopher Ruth of almost too serious

      The claysmith whiskey bowl is, as it might sound, a vessel for enjoying one's preferred high quality spirit.  The whiskey bowl was developed in early 2014 when I was also first learning to appreciate the finer flavors of the craft movement that has so wonderfully been expanding in that honored and most glorious of American traditions, bourbon.  Though the whiskey bowl is not specifically designed to be limited to those lovely amber and golden liquids that are the inspiration for it's namesake.  It is simply a container that in my hope inspires the authentic sampling of fine spirits in their purest form.  Too large to be considered for that most plebeian of acts requiring the slightly slurred proclamation "Barkeep!!! shots for the table!!!"  And too small for the much more revered, yet diluted tradition of the cocktail. The whiskey bowl lends itself to hold a healthy, but not excessive serving of whatever spirit for which the moment calls.  The craft and - if I may be so bold - art of distillation is one of the few traditions of mankind that is shared across most of history.  It is a process that was being honed as early as 1st century Greece and China, independently of one another no less.  The distillation of alcohol for the purpose of human consumption is a link to all of mankind's major cultures and civilizations. So it is in my education and enjoyment of this tradition that I felt the desire to create a receptacle for which the sole purpose was to experience the simplicity, as well as complexity, of this aforementioned "art of the spirit" in its fullness.  Hence, the birth of the whiskey bowl™.


-Garret Bruce Smith